Siam Loco Wraps


Why Us?

Our services include catering, weddings, outdoor/indoor parties, banquets, and other social events or anywhere you want to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine and Thai style wraps, all of which are MSG free.

We use Mary's Free Range California Bronze Air-Chilled Chickens and organic produce from Fresno and Monterey farms. 

Our services also include fruit carving and decorations. We gladly accept VISA, DISCOVER and MASTERCARD.

Who We Are

Since House of Siam on Wheels is very popular in the food truck business, we've decided to create Siam Loco Wraps as well. It's a trend for food trucks to fuse different cultures' foods together. We have combined ideas from experienced chefs who specialize in different types of food; Thai and Mexican. We use quality ingredients to make healthy food.

Nuttawee Taasevigen is the owner and chef of Siam Loco Wraps. House of Siam has been voted as the best Thai restaurant of Silicon Valley for the year 2013. In 2011, Team Building hosted a chef contest, where Nuttawee won as 1st and 2nd place.